A Message From Laura

Our new practice space is now open! Please enter through Joyful Treasures for check-in, pre-registration is required for all classes. We’re in the process of updating our website, but please give us a call if you have any questions in the meantime. We are offering in-studio classes as well as continuing to offer live virtual classes for those more comfortable practicing at home. Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us by using active class packages and purchasing new ones. We know that you have more options than ever for free classes elsewhere on the web and we greatly appreciate your loyalty and dedication to practice with us. As you know, we are a small, locally-owned, business and we rely on your support to be able to continue to provide the services that we provide and to continue to pay our instructors and staff, not to mention to be able to continue our business operations as this uncertain situation continues.

Current Offerings 

We are offering in-studio and virtual live classes every day.

Pre-registration is required.

Recordings of all live virtual classes will be accessible for 24 hours.

Experiencing a financial hardship due to the current circumstances?  Call us at 516-686-9798 or email PointLookoutYogaClub@gmail.com and we’ll work with you to help.

Free Meditation Sessions 

We are providing Free Meditation classes on Wednesdays at 8:00 am as a way for our community to stay connected, say hello, see each other’s beautiful faces and breathe together.

Private Facebook Group

We have created a private Facebook Group – Point Lookout Yoga Community – for active students and instructors to stay connected. Free mini-classes and meditations are being added. Please request to join, and if you are an active student (with an active package or a package within the last 6 months) we will approve your request.

Community Outreach ~ You Are Not Alone

During the pandemic, our volunteers distributed flyers to every home and business in Point Lookout in an effort to provide assistance for those in need and procure assistance from those who are able. If you or someone you know is in still in need of assistance for food, prescriptions or delivery services please let us know.  Call 516-686-9798 or email PointLookoutYogaClub@gmail.com

Take care of yourselves, be kind to each other, help people who are in need in our community, practice peace and choose love over fear. The Mat is just the first step in our Practice, it is up to each of us to take our Practice off of the Mat and into our homes, communities, and most of all, into our divine hearts, for it’s here that we will affect true change.

Thank you for your continuing support, patience, love + cooperation,

Laura + the Point Lookout Yoga & Wellness Team

About our Community

Point Lookout Yoga & Wellness (PLYW) was conceived during a trip to India while it’s founder, Laura Shockley, a Point Lookout resident, meditated on the banks of the Ganges in the Holy City of Varanasi.  Thousands of miles away, Laura envisioned a place where people could come together to practice Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness.  She saw a safe, supportive place created by love where a community, in its truest sense, could come together and where Yoga could be practiced joyously.  Point Lookout, was the perfect location, as this small barrier beach town, with its salty air and the sound of waves meeting the shore, has provided so many people with a sense of peace, comfort and joy.

In Sanskrit, the word Yoga means union or connection.  Yoga is typically associated with the Self-Realization that comes with practice as the student lives the Eight Limbs of Yoga and unites with the inner Self. PLYW is a place were students can both unite with the Self, as well as each other, to affect change internally, as well as externally by cultivating social awareness as a community.

PLYW welcomes students of all levels of experience, from the seasoned Yogi to the beginner. Our instructors teach with compassion, integrity and authenticity and offer a wide range of classes.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation to create a personalized class schedule, or simply to discuss which classes may be right for you. We hope you will join us in the Joyous Practice of Yoga.


Just “One” word comes to mind when I think about Point Lookout Yoga & Wellness and that is LOVE!! Love for Laura, our leader; Love for all my wonderful teachers. Each one different and amazing; Love for the beautiful studio that always feels like home; Love for the community of Point Lookout, a place like no other on earth; I have never experienced a yoga studio like this in my life and I am so very happy I found it.

With lots of LOVE!
Linda O’Reilly